【2019/10/17】 The Translated Transcript of YouTube【TravisJapan】

【2019/10/17】 The Translated Transcript of YouTube【TravisJapan】


The transrated transcript of this video is below.

Before you use this,  please read this note before.

Chaka: Hey

All: We are Travis Japan!


Chaka: So it is, 

Chaka: Mercifully, these days we are featured on many media, for example TV or Magazines many times.


Matsuku: Truly

Chaka: So we have many chance

Noel: Sincerely thank you

Chaka: to talk about our episodes. So it is, in this video every member talks about episodes of Travis Japan and we decide the best episode.

All: [Applause]

Chaka:We’d like to be enough talented to be featured in any media.

Entitled “Travis Japanewise  big conference of best episodes“

All: Yeah

-Right away-

All: Let’s best answer!

Matsuku: Bomb,bomb,bomb

-Travis Japanewise  big conference of best answers-

Noel: So we draw one theme card from here, it’s nice that every member have an episode.

Umi: My turn, draw, I set this card(*his words quoted from Yugio)

-What is first theme?-

-What is the most failed event in Travis Japan history?-(Umi Voice)

Shime: Is it my failure or one of Travis Japan?

Chaka: Both is OK

Matsuku: I have one but (I wonder) it’s okay to talk

Umi: Okay, today there is no NG.

Noel: Ready, set, go!

-Matsukura Kaito’s oversleeping two days in a row-(Noel Voice)

Matsuku: We had a shoot for Youtube.

Chaka: Was that first day?

Matsuku: Yes it was first day.

Umi: Oh really, that was first day.

Matsuku: We planed to meet up and go to the site by bus…,

Matsuku: When Shizuya called me, I was on the train. But I was sleeping while standing.

Chaka: Did you get on the train?

Shizuya: He was sleeping with holding a strap.

Matsuku: I overslept while standing…

Noel: Normally standing people are awake

Matsuku: After returning to consciousness, I wonder why I overslept while standing….

And then, after all, my fault push 30 minutes back….This case hadn’t finished yet.


Matsuku: Next day we planned to take interview from morning. Again Shizuya called me


Matsuku: I’m sorry

Noel: Your first reply

Matsuku: When I arrived the site, everyone were uptight because of two days in a row. Especially Umi was the most uptight.

Noel: This point was the best. Umi’s bursting out into anger was funny ha-ha.

Matsuku: And I got lectured for 30 minutes.


Chaka: It’s not good thing, is it?

Umi: Well, I’d like to apologize to all of you about something.

All: ?????

Umi: Now I recalled the most failed event in Travis Japan history.

-Missing Nakamura Case-(Umi Voice)

Umi: I totally forgot about it. At that time all of us did rehearsal for the concert.

All: Yeah.

Umi: And then I slept at home. Normally, I wake up with alarm, but on that day, I could wake up naturally. I felt I had good sleep.

All: chuckle

Umi: But I felt something was wrong. And rehearsal usually started from around 13:00.

Shizuya: Yeah, almost all days.

Umi: On that day, meeting up time was also 13:00. When I saw my cell phone, it was 15:30.

Chaka: Meeting up time was 13:00, but when you see the cell phone…

Umi:Meeting up time was 13:00, but when I see the cell phone, it was 15:30. There were tons of missed calls.

Chaka: How many?

Umi: Around 30.


Umi: And members were not mad at me. They worried about me.

Shime: We really worried about you.

Chaka: First 30 minutes, he was late again we thought. As time went on, we thought he might be in a trouble. Was he okay?

Shizuya: You don’t have right to point out Matsukura’s failure.

Umi: Yeah, I really don’t have right.


Shizuya: You did lecture for 30 minutes.

Noel: 3 days after losing temper because of Matsukura, you were late.


-Shime Masculine Case-(Shime Voice)

All: Oh!

Shime: When I watched old video in which each members talked about some episodes, I did press up entirely.


Shizuya: Scary

Chaka: Yeah, you had such a stage. Because he always pressed up, he was called The Hulk.

Shime: After pressing up, I look at the camera and performed. First I thought he was different talent.


Umi: He came close to the camera, and I waited what he would say

(Umi mimicked Shime )


Chaka: We have so many things.

Noel: We have history.

Shime: I’d like to apologize to all of you.

-Wangan Ride-(voice Genta)

Genta: That was the first ride after MatsuMatsu joining the TJ, I got a leg cramp, didn’t I?

All: Yeah.

Ganta: Because of it, I wonder I left this group.


Matsuku: Why?

Shizuya: Too early.

Genta: They dance too much.

Shime: At that time. we played “dance with me”, Genta passed over in front of us with dragging his foot.

Chaka: In such a bright song, he disappeared into the dark.

Noel: It was the first song for this 7 members in Travis Japan, but Genta had gone.

Shime: I was surprised.

Genta: All supported me, thank you.

Noel: Nostalgic

Matsuku: Now you adjust to dance a lot.  Well done.

Chaka: You joined at the same time.

Shizuya: What position you stand?

Matsuku: Ah, did I join at the same time?

Chaka: Yes, you did. Did you forget it?


-So it is, what is the best episode for this theme?-

Chaka: Let’s point out what you select.

Noel: Yes

Chaka: Ready, set, go!


Noel: Share of Shime is super high.

-Shime Masculine Case is selected-

Chaka: Fans can know about the old days.

Chaka: Next theme…

Noel: We have next theme!

Umi: I will draw. My turn. Draw. I put this trap card to the field and exercise.(*Again, his words quoted from Yugio)

-What is the most impossible event in Travis Japan history?-(Umi Voice)

All: Impossible?

Noel: This theme could be interpreted differently.

Chaka: Can I talk first?

-At Koshigaya Lake Town-(Chaka voice)


Chaka: When we went to Koshigaya Lake Town, we played game”Make a search Matsuda Genta”, did we?

Noel: Yes, we did.

Chaka: Ganta gave us hints, and we made a search in 30 minutes. We couldn’t find him. After all, he was at the ATM.


Noel: Incredible

Chaka: I thought it was impossible.

Noel: You mean it was impossible to find him and  to understand his personality. Right?

Chaka: Both.

Noel: (Ganta said )because going out with a girl needed money, he met at ATM


Noel: Withdraw maney in the previous day!


Noel: Koshigaya Lake Town Case. Maybe it would get high share.

-Not sure about the spelling of Travis Japan-(Genta voice)


Genta: Well, I.

Matsuku: Well, it’s right.

Genta: Yeah, it’s right. But every time I’m wondering whether there is E in the end or not.

Noel: Like japnone?

Chaka: You confused with Japanese.

Genta: Yeah,yeah,yeah. And it’s a riddle why this ends with N.


Chaka: You are impossible (to be understund). after all.   



Noel:Anyone else?

-Tears-(Shime voice)

Shime: Travis Japan members had meal, didn’t we.

All: Yes

Noel: 29.May.

Shime: At that time we talked about cares of each for more cohesive group.

Chaka: Each talks honestly.

Shime: Yes, what I’d like to do, or I think like this so I’d like to change some…. And when it came to my turn, I started to talk about my cares, I couldn’t stop shedding tears.

Chaka: Overflew

Shime: I could’t stop it

Matsuku: You had a lot of feelings in your heart.

(Matsuku suddenly turn to see Chaka)

Chaka: Seeing Shime is fine, but don’t turn to see me.

All: Good episode.

Chaka: You couldn’t stop …

Noel: Last. Simply, it was impossible for me.

-Non-walking haunted attraction-(Noel Voice)


Shime:NEGURUSHI, isn’t it?


Umi: It was totally impossible.

Genta: Totally Impossible.

Noel: Because of it, once some members were on bad terms.


Noel: For example these two guys, Genta was cheated.

Genta: He is a con man.

Noel: Well.

Umi: Near side

Noel: Umi said near side was less scary, Umi let Genta lay on near side…

Matsuku: A year ago.

Noel: Yes, it was. It was summer.

-So it is, what is the best episode for this theme?-

Chaka: Ready, set, go!

Chaka: Shime.

Noel: Yes, Shime.

Shizuya: You are good at this.


Noel: Shime’s episodes are nice.

-Episode of tears is selected-


Chaka: Next

Noel: Yes

Chaka: Theme

Noel: Yes

Umi:I will draw this card, draw.

Shizuya: You do quickly

Umi: I set this magic card this field and exercise.(*Again, his words quoted from Yugio)

-What event gave you the butterflies in Travis Japan history?-(Umi Voice)

Chaka: The butterflies

Noel: I go simply, I do first, right?

-PRESENT(Travis Japan Concert 2019)-(Noel voice)

Noel: Our ride. It will be recorded in Sugao4 Travis Japan Ver.. When I went in front of the our fans, I got the butterflies.

Shime: That was nice.

Matsuku: The effect of the performance was the first challenge for us.

Chaka: We spread gold powder.

Shime: I felt good. That ride was the first live performance that we could decide the title, PRESENT.

Noel: We decided the title, made the order of songs, and selected the songs….

Noel: This is the most excited event for me.

Shizuya: I selected performance too

-Main act in a play(Trajya NINJAPAN)-(Shizuya voice)

Shizuya: We got it and hold a press conference. It is rare to hold a press conference.

All: True.

Shizuya: We hadn’t held a press conference. I felt a little nervous, but got the butterflies.

All: You’re right.

Chaka: We were main.

Shizuya: We wore such a gorgeous costume. That’s all.

Chaka: The genre of two episodes is same.

Noel: Yes, both are about our stages.

Genta: Can I go?

Chaka: Yep

Ganta: Ready, Set, Go

-8.8(Johnny’s Jr. Festival)-

All: Ahhhhhh

Umi: Does this mean multiplication?

Genta: Eight point eight.

All: Eight times eight equals

Genta: Forty.

Shime: HAHAHAHAHA. It’s forty eight.

All(except Genta and Shime):!!!!!!!!

Noel: It’s 64. No way, we found second guy. We found second guy.

Genta: By the way, in that ride on 08.Aug, we knew the congratulation-news, SixTONES and Snowman would be debut. After that news, I performed fire beat. And I thought a lot about it for several days.

Chaka: You were so depressed.

Noel: Ture

Genta: After several days, we performed at  Summer Paradise. We could perform by all this 7 members. I felt it was a kind destiny; this timing, this 7 members, we could meet our fans. I felt Travis Japan was the best.

Matsuku: We really did our best at the Summer Paradise.

Genta: So, I did thank everything and the members gave me the butterflies.Anew.

All: [Applause].

Noel: Anyone else?

-Yume no Hollywood-(Umi voice)

all: [chattering]

Umi: The reason I selected this is, it’s the first original song for Travis Japan.

Noel: Yes, it is.

Umi: Well, some members left our group, we were depressed.

Other group had original song, but on the other hand, we didn’t have any.

A time like that this song was given to us.

And I feel this is the most Travis Japanwise song. It has johnny’s sounds and it has original sounds.

I really thank Yume no Hollywood to come to the Travis Japan.

If it won’t come to us. we couldn’t reach here today.

This is very important song, so every time I performed, I get the butterflies.

Chaka: So, then write down correctly. So, then write down correctly.


-So it is, what is the best episode for this theme?-

Chaka: Ready, set, go!

Noel: Genta got 3 points.

-Episode of 8.8(Johnny’s Jr. Festival) is selected-

Chaka: We can see Ganta’s feeling.

Shime: I like Yume-Holly episode too.

Umi: Is there someone who’d like to draw like me?

Shime: Well, can I?

Umi: You have to do like me

Shime: Really? I don’t have confidence.

Shime: My turn, draw.

Umi: Good. You are good at this point.

Chaka: Like Mr. Fukuyama (*I guess famous actor in Japan)

Shime: Blue Eyes White Dragon.


-What is the most embarrassed event in Travis Japan history?-(Shime Voice)

All: Embarrassed

Chaka: I will go.

Noel: Okay.

-At restaurant-(Chaka voice)

Chaka: There were many people near me, like business men and so on.

When I have a meal, a business man on the right side looked at me and spoke to me, “are you, right?”. I thought he knew me so said yes.

He said continuously “I watch you a lot in TV, You were in Hibana.”

He confused me with Kento Hayashi.

All: Hmmmm

Matsuku: You look like him

Chaka: During that time, I pretend I were Kento Hayashi.


Umi: What point is similar?

Shime: Eyes

Chaka: Eyes and elbows?

Shime: Everyone has same elbows, doesn’t he?

Chaka: You’re right.

Umi: Show your elbow.

Noel: Ah, same. Bending.

Shime: Are you sure?

Chaka: Bending Elbow is normal thing.


Chaka: Next

Noel: So i will go.

-Quick Jokes-

Noel: Originally I wasn’t the one who did quick jokes. When we went to the inside athletic park,

Matsuku: I see, the joke ,self-sufficient 

Chaka: Don’t say that before.

Noel: Yes, the episode about “self-sufficient”.

These days I thought about quick jokes, in case someone ask me to do that.

We would have more chance to be on TV shows.

And, about one week from the shooting day, I got a one !

Chaka: That was “self-sufficient”

Noel: Yes, “self-sufficient”. I kept it in my mind. I can do that in a future.

And then, while running in the athletic park, some member said “Noel! Do some quick joke! “ Suddenly, Without any announce.

So, I do it. And it comes to the introducing quick joke.

After that, when I get some ideas, I keep these in my mind.

All: Well he has many right now

Noel: No, no no.

Matsuku: He doesn’t want to do that. Stop. It’s not good.

Noel: Let me do that!


-So it is, Noel’s Quick Joke-

Chaka: Three, two, one

Noel: Quick joke, a snake digesting on a rabbit


All: … [Applause]

Noel: It’s not, not not

Shime: Some fans write down “self-sufficient” on a round fun.

Noel: Yes, they do. Even fan of others sometimes have.

Shime: Next stage, you will find snake one.

Shizuya: Please do it. Do it.

Noel: It takes time.


Shizuya: Next,


Matsuku: Emmm, why?

Shizuya: It is an episode before MatsuMatsu join. We had a stage at theater Crea.

I thought about choreography for the opening scene.

First, 5 members went down stairs, after that all went to the right side.

While I thought about the choreography for that part, I had a mistake. I went to the right side too early, and dancing a lot.

When see the members, they looked at me like this.

At that time, I felt the most embarrassed feeling. 

After that every member talked about it, the embarrassed feeling came to bigger.

They talked about it in magazines, it was very embarrassing too. 

Matsuku: How Shizuya recovered that mistake.

Chaka: He was coming back, coming back, but he was in panic.


Chaka: He pretend it wasn’t mistake. He came back with dancing.

After that we understand Shizuya is very reliable but sometimes he does some mistakes.

Umi: As for it, there is another episode of Miyachika.

When we, Big Bros Group and Little Bros Group, had a stage, we danced with handkerchief. Kaito forgot to prepare a handkerchief and used Shizuya’s towel instead.

Chaka: I had to prepare the handkerchief before, but I forgot it.

I looked around but I couldn’t find out it. So, I asked Shizuya to lend towel to me. And then the pocket was overflowing.

Umi: Size of towel is about 4times bigger than our handkerchief.

Chaka: It was hard to stop laughing. So I looked down. And the time was coming.

All: After all

Chaka: I pulled out the towel. The movement was different. But fans didn’t notice that.

Umi: Didn’t notice that

Chaka: It made also me laugh.


Shime: I recalled it.

Noel: Stiff towel case.

Genta: It was very funny ha-ha

-So it is, what is the best episode for this theme?-

All: Ready, set, go!

All: Noel got 3 points.

Noel: Ohhh,

-Episode of Quick Joke is selected-

Chaka: It’s the positive episode. Noel does that for breaking his character.

Noel: Thank you so much.

Chaka: Well, we talked about many episodes. For interview, we stock our episodes and also will make new episodes.

Noel: Then, Miyachika-san’s gereral comment.

Chaka: Travis Japan prattle on.

All: We were Travis Japan.


Chaka: Whose song will be used for ending? It’s BGM right now.

Noel: Shime’s one is rare.

Matsuku: My song are often to be used.

All: Right

Umi: My song is rare too.

Chaka: It sounds like trailer but it wouldn’t be change.

Noel: In that trailer, Chaka always gets on red shoes.

Chaka: I no longer get on these.