How to send a fan letter to Johnnys’

How to send a fan letter to Johnnys’

Some friends asked me how to send a fan letter to Johnny’s Idol, she can’t find out the address for it.

So, today I write down about it. If you follow some fans in Japan, they sometimes tweet about fan letters. Mainly we have two ways to send a fan-letter.

One is to put a letter in a letterbox at the theater. The company often set a box for a fan-letter. As for Travis Japan in 2019, we could find one at Endless Shock and Trajya-NINJYAPAN-. On the other hand, you hardly find out a box for fan-letter at the hall for live-performance. I’m a fan of Johnny’s idol for 15 years, but I found that only one concert that wasn’t run by johnnys’. So if you have a chance to visit a play or a musical which your bias appears in, I recommend you to search whether there is a fan-letter-box or not.

The other is to send a letter to the Johnny’s Family Club, which organizes fanclub for all idols who belongs to Johnnys, from V6, Arashi, Kanjani8, to Johnny’s jr… The address is “Johnny’s Family Club Tokyo, JAPAN,150-8550“. In fact, this is not an address, just a postal code. It is because many fans send a letter to this address, so they have a special postcode which is one to one correspondence to their address. Be sure to write down your bias’ full-name and his group name. Because over 300 boys belong to Johnny’s, it’s easy to be lost in the office.

And Johnnys’ office strictly forbidden to receive a gift from fans. Send only letters or your letter might not be delivered to your bias.

In some magazines, Travis Japan members said they learned English, and they felt happy when received fan-letters form foreigners. So if you’d like to write it, do not be hesitate to do that!