Where you can watch Travis Japan on the internet

Where you can watch Travis Japan on the internet

Today, I’m writing about where we can watch Travis Japan on the internet. I know almost all fans already know that. But for new fans, it’s a little tricky, I think. It is because Travis Japan uses many platforms.

Travis Japan uses six platforms.

  1. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!!
  2. Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel
  3. Youtube- +81 channel
  4. Instagram
  5. Island TV
  6. Johnny’s web

From 1 to 5 are free, and the last one is paid.
Ok, let me explain a little further…

1. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!!

We got great information on the dawn of September 29 (JST). Our Travis Japan will debut on October 28 with a worldwide release on Capitol Records.

To get far more information, click the link below.


As a result of the debut, Travis Japan made their own Youtube channel. For now, they uploaded just a short video that introduced them quickly. But they will use this channel as the main one.

2. Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel

On Johnny’s Jr. channel, TravisJapan has a regular program on Thursdays.
They upload various videos; dance practicing, gesture gaming, chattering, and so on. The upload time is 19:00 Japan time. Keep it in your mind.
Sometimes, a video of TravisJapan uploads on Monday or Tuesday. These random videos are PR videos and performance videos. On a week like that, we can watch two new videos in a week.

I believe they will graduate from this channel in a few days like the other debuted Johnny’s jr, snowman, and SixTONES. But their old videos stay here.

3. Youtube -+81 channel-

Travis Japan had their own dance performance channel before. Since they left Japan and went to LA for training abroad, the channel has been run by their colleagues. But their performance videos stay here. Different Choreographer was assigned for each song. It is definitely worth seeing.



TravisJapan has an Instagram account. It’s updated irregularly. Who updates it depends on the post.

5.Island TV

Island TV is a platform for johnny’s jr’s videos. It’s updated irregularly.
There is Island TV’s Twitter account. It tweets about new videos.

6.Johnny’s web

Johnny’s web is a platform of blogs of all johnny’s talent. It costs 300yens per month. This site is only for smartphones, and can not be viewed from a PC. Every member updates his blog post on a particular day every month. The update dates are as follows.

02 Kaito Miyachika
06 Kaito Nakamura
10 Shizuya Yoshizawa
14 Noel Kawashima
18 Ryuya Shimekake
22 Genta Matsuda
26 Kaito Matsukura

You can’t copy and paste on this site. So for non-Japanese speakers, it’s a little hard to understand, I believe. But they usually upload their photos at the end of the blog posts. It is worth paying 300 yen to see them.

Add: One of my Twitter friends told me that through Chrome apps, you could read it automatically translated version.

Extra. Netflix

On Netflix, you can watch “Ride on Time.” Episode 6 in season2 is focused on Travis Japan and Yara Tomoihsa. In this episode, you can watch some digest of Traja-NINJAPAN. I’m not sure “Ride on Time” could be viewed from all over the world. I add the link to this program, so please click it and try.