【Find Johnnys’Jr in DVDs】 -Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2019-2020 PARADE normal【vol.2】

Hi, do you remember our Travis Japan performed on Hey! Say! JUMP stage as back dancers? I went to that concert that was an incredibly fantastic time for me. That is why I bought “Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2019-2020 PARADE” Blue-ray Disc for remembering that happy time.And today, one of my friends told me how to watch a secret track! How to watch secret track After watching all contents, it shows the content menu automatically again. But one tiny thing is different. You can find some character (actually called Urupu) and click that one; finally, you can watch a secret video. About Secret Video The video is over one-hour, recorded how they spent their time before and after the performance. And this is important for me, Hey! Say! JUMP members spent the time with Travis Japan, so TJ fans also enjoy the secret video. Other Johnny’s jr. I found in the video Shintaro SumiAtsushi ItoYuki YokoharaTaiga SuzukiTaiga TsubakiMinato Matsui About Main content This concert was directed by Kochi Domoto(Kinki-kids), so you can find the essence of Endless SHOCK. This is one reason to recommend buying it. And you can find Travis Japan in the main video too. It’s a […]

About "SixTONES VS Snow Man" or "Snow Man VS SixTONES"

  • 2019.10.25

This week, SnoST -means Snow Man & SixTONES– announced the release day of their debut CD, 22 Jan. 2020! And they also said their debut CDs are collaborated one. One of my friend ask me about SnoST Debut CDs, so I write down the information in English below. There are 6type. [SixTONES vs Snow Man]-First Press Limited [SixTONES vs Snow Man]-with Snow Man [SixTONES vs Snow Man]-Normal [Snow Man vs SixTONES]-First Press Limited [Snow Man vs SixTONES]-with SixTONES [Snow Man vs SixTONES]-Normal ①[SixTONES vs Snow Man]-First Press Limited CD+DVD ¥1,600+tax CD SixTONES Debut Song Snow Man Debut Song DVD SixTONES Debut Song Music Video Making Video of SixTONES Debut Song Music Video (Snow man are also in this video) SixTONES Concert Video ②[SixTONES vs Snow Man]-with Snow Man CD+DVD ¥1,600+tax CD SixTONES Debut Song Snow Man Debut Song DVD Special Video A (SonyMusic* ver.) Special Video B (SonyMusic ver.) ③[SixTONES vs Snow Man]-Normal CD ¥1,000+tax CD SixTONES Debut Song Snow Man Debut Song SixTONES c/w Song① SixTONES c/w Song② SixTONES Debut Song-Karaoke ver- Talking Truck (SonyMusic ver) First Press are packed special sleeve and contains 20 page-Photobook.  ④[Snow Man vs SixTONES]-First Press Limited CD+DVD ¥1,600+tax CD Snow Man Debut Song SixTONES Debut Song DVD Snow Man Debut Song Music […]

【Find Johnnys'Jr in DVDs】 -Johnnys' Summer Paradise 2016-【vol.1】

  • 2019.10.19

In this post, I talk about Johnny’s Summer Paradise 2016. I bought this DVD box, because I’d like to see Kenty sing “Butterfly”, that is best song of Tadayoshi Okura from Kanjani8. And I find MatsuMatsu in it. It’s kind a pleasure to find Johnnys’ Jr. in the Senpai*’s DVD. *Senpai means senior colleague. I wrote down johnnys’ jr names whom I found as their fans could find them. Johnnys’ Summer Paradise 2016 It contains 4 discs; Shori Sato “Shori Sato Summer Live 2016” Nakajima Kento “# Honey Butterfly” Kikuchi Fuma “Fu are you?” Matsushima Soh & Marius Yoh “Hey So! Hey Yo! -Summer time memory- “ Shori Sato Summer Live 2016 In this disc, you can find [Prince] Sho [Snowman] Raoul [Bi-shonen] Nasu/Ryuga [Seven Men Samurai] Mototaka/Rinne/Konno/Taiko/Yabana [Shonen-Ninjya] Oriyama # Honey Butterfly In this disc, you can find [Prince] Kishi [Travis Japan] Matsukura/Matsuda [Seven Men Samurai]Reia “Fu are you? In this disc, you can find [SixTONES] Juri/Shintaro/Hokuto [Snowman] Ren/Raoul [Uchu Six] Hara Hey So! Hey Yo! -Summer time memory- In this disc, I couldn’t find Johnny’s jr, whom I could recognize their name. Maybe after they become famaous, I can recognaize them. I’ll watch this DVD again, 2 […]