【2019/10/17】 The Translated Transcript of YouTube【TravisJapan】

  • 2019.10.18 The transrated transcript of this video is below. Before you use this,  please read this note before. Chaka: Hey All: We are Travis Japan! -Op- Chaka: So it is,  Chaka: Mercifully, these days we are featured on many media, for example TV or Magazines many times. Noel:Yes Matsuku: Truly Chaka: So we have many chance Noel: Sincerely thank you Chaka: to talk about our episodes. So it is, in this video every member talks about episodes of Travis Japan and we decide the best episode. All: [Applause] Chaka:We’d like to be enough talented to be featured in any media. Entitled “Travis Japanewise  big conference of best episodes“ All: Yeah -Right away- All: Let’s best answer! Matsuku: Bomb,bomb,bomb -Travis Japanewise  big conference of best answers- Noel: So we draw one theme card from here, it’s nice that every member have an episode. Umi: My turn, draw, I set this card(*his words quoted from Yugio) -What is first theme?- -What is the most failed event in Travis Japan history?-(Umi Voice) Shime: Is it my failure or one of Travis Japan? Chaka: Both is OK Matsuku: I have one but (I wonder) it’s okay to talk… Umi: Okay, today there is no […]