【2019/10/17】 The Translated Transcript of YouTube【TravisJapan】

  • 2019.10.18

www.youtube.com The transrated transcript of this video is below. Before you use this,  please read this note before. Chaka: Hey All: We are Travis Japan! -Op- Chaka: So it is,  Chaka: Mercifully, these days we are featured on many media, for example TV or Magazines many times. Noel:Yes Matsuku: Truly Chaka: So we have many chance Noel: Sincerely thank you Chaka: to talk about our episodes. So it is, in this video every member talks about episodes of Travis Japan and we decide the best episode. All: [Applause] Chaka:We’d like to be enough talented to be featured in any media. Entitled “Travis Japanewise  big conference of best episodes“ All: Yeah -Right away- All: Let’s best answer! Matsuku: Bomb,bomb,bomb -Travis Japanewise  big conference of best answers- Noel: So we draw one theme card from here, it’s nice that every member have an episode. Umi: My turn, draw, I set this card(*his words quoted from Yugio) -What is first theme?- -What is the most failed event in Travis Japan history?-(Umi Voice) Shime: Is it my failure or one of Travis Japan? Chaka: Both is OK Matsuku: I have one but (I wonder) it’s okay to talk… Umi: Okay, today there is no […]

Note for everyone

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  • 2019.10.18

I upload Travis Japan info for non japanese speakers. l’m just a fan of them, this is an unofficial site. I could understand Japanese perfectly, and I use English a little. I don’t have any experience to live in English spoken country, so my English might be with full of mistakes. (But I believe you could understand the meaning.) People who doesn’t care about it, please use this website to get more info of Travis Japan. If you can’t understand my writing crealy, don’t be hesitate to ask me. And if you have time, please point out mistakes. Thank you ! May the Force be with Travis Japan