Where you can watch Travis Japan on the internet

Today, I’m writing about where we can watch Travis Japan on the internet. I know almost all fans already know that. But for new fans, it’s a little tricky, I think. It is because Travis Japan uses many platforms. Travis Japan uses six platforms. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!! Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel Youtube- +81 channel Instagram Island TV Johnny’s web From 1 to 5 are free, and the last one is paid. Ok, let me explain a little further… 1. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!! We got great information on the dawn of September 29 (JST). Our Travis Japan will debut on October 28 with a worldwide release on Capitol Records. To get far more information, click the link below. As a result of the debut, Travis Japan made their own Youtube channel. For now, they uploaded just a short video that introduced them quickly. But they will use this channel as the main one. 2. Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel On Johnny’s Jr. channel, TravisJapan has a regular program on Thursdays. They upload various videos; dance practicing, gesture gaming, chattering, and so on. The upload time is 19:00 Japan time. Keep it in your mind. Sometimes, a video of TravisJapan […]

【Find Johnnys’Jr in DVDs】 -Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2019-2020 PARADE normal【vol.2】

Hi, do you remember our Travis Japan performed on Hey! Say! JUMP stage as back dancers? I went to that concert that was an incredibly fantastic time for me. That is why I bought “Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2019-2020 PARADE” Blue-ray Disc for remembering that happy time.And today, one of my friends told me how to watch a secret track! How to watch secret track After watching all contents, it shows the content menu automatically again. But one tiny thing is different. You can find some character (actually called Urupu) and click that one; finally, you can watch a secret video. About Secret Video The video is over one-hour, recorded how they spent their time before and after the performance. And this is important for me, Hey! Say! JUMP members spent the time with Travis Japan, so TJ fans also enjoy the secret video. Other Johnny’s jr. I found in the video Shintaro SumiAtsushi ItoYuki YokoharaTaiga SuzukiTaiga TsubakiMinato Matsui About Main content This concert was directed by Kochi Domoto(Kinki-kids), so you can find the essence of Endless SHOCK. This is one reason to recommend buying it. And you can find Travis Japan in the main video too. It’s a […]