Where you can watch Travis Japan on the internet

Today, I’m writing about where we can watch Travis Japan on the internet. I know almost all fans already know that. But for new fans, it’s a little tricky, I think. It is because Travis Japan uses many platforms. Travis Japan uses six platforms. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!! Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel Youtube- +81 channel Instagram Island TV Johnny’s web From 1 to 5 are free, and the last one is paid. Ok, let me explain a little further… 1. Youtube- Travis Japan- NEW!! We got great information on the dawn of September 29 (JST). Our Travis Japan will debut on October 28 with a worldwide release on Capitol Records. To get far more information, click the link below. As a result of the debut, Travis Japan made their own Youtube channel. For now, they uploaded just a short video that introduced them quickly. But they will use this channel as the main one. 2. Youtube- Johnny’s Jr. channel On Johnny’s Jr. channel, TravisJapan has a regular program on Thursdays. They upload various videos; dance practicing, gesture gaming, chattering, and so on. The upload time is 19:00 Japan time. Keep it in your mind. Sometimes, a video of TravisJapan […]